The Yoga Valley

1. Improves hip flexors. Bow pose opens up the hip flexors, which are often weak from underuse. Unlocking the hips can improve circulation, reduce lower back pain, and increase mobility in the area.
2. Stimulates digestion. During bow pose, your stomach and pelvis engage with the floor, which, in turn, massages organs in the digestional tract. Performing bow pose can help relieve issues like constipation or stomach discomfort.
3. Strengthens your upper back. Bow pose engages all of your back muscles as you reach back to grab your ankles, strengthening the back, and improving posture and mobility.
4. Improves posture. Bow pose opens your shoulders from the front of the body, relieving tightness and reducing slouching, which can improve your posture.
5. Strengthens spine and hamstrings. Bow pose strengthens your spine extensors and hamstrings, preventing or reducing lower back pain and injury.

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